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Three weeks left!

Nothing like a big virtual pile of grading to make me feel like updating my blog! I have not been very good about blogging this semester, but I've been busy with lots of other interesting things (like revising a paper and submitting a proposal). Signs that the semester is winding down:I just gave the third exam in my GEO 121 (Physical Geography) class yesterday, so that just leaves the last one (which is taken on final exam day) and I only have two more class meetings with my GEO 333 (Natural Hazards) class (it meets once a week and we don't have class Thanksgiving week). Before this is all over, I will have a lot of grading to finish (bibliographies for GEO 121, final papers for both classes) and then it will be winter break. Over break I need to work. I am considering some changes to GEO 121 (see below) and have to make those decisions before classes start. I also have two other classes and one is a new prep. I am teaching a remote sensing seminar for the first time and need…